MED 5000.CE

Compact anti-theft/alarm device activated by the original remote controls
Code : MED 5000.CE

Key Features

Compact anti-theft/alarm device activated by the original remote controls of most vehicles.
Simplified connections in vehicles equipped with CAN line.
Doors, hood and trunk opening alarm, ignition, intrusion or window-breaking alarm (integrated volumetric self-adjusting sensor with ultrasonic radar auto-setting sensor, anti-blinding and anti-masking).
The Med 5000 can also control the windows closing on most vehicles.

With 2 electronic keys CHD 400


  • Special interface which directly detects the opening/locking signals and the buttons for doors, hood and trunk via the CAN, VAN, K-BUS, CODE line.
  • Integrated engine block.
  • Tampering-proof wiring with double sheath cables and air-tight connector.
  • Direct windows closing control (in cars equipped with comfort system the windows closing is controlled by inserting the original key in the door lock) or through the optional power window system.
  • Integrated self-powered siren, with dead vehicle battery sensor.

Technical features

  • It can be programmed on the vehicle or via PC with the specific med SW and the interface KIT SK-U3.
  • It can be programmed from a PC providing a direct interface with the vehicle.
  • Alarm memory and "on duty" acoustic signals.
  • Optical signals through the LED provided and the direction indicators.
  • PIN card with emergency code, for the self-learning of emergency electronic keys (optional) with an option to deactivate lost keys.
  • Also suitable for trucks via the specific AC adapter KIT 24V/2.
  • Control for a satellite protection system of the MedSky line.




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